Cool Handguns: Colt Python “Snake Eyes” Revolver Set


The Colt Python is one of the most well known revolvers ever made. Hollywood immortalizes the Python on screen, in Magnum…

The Colt Python is one of the most well known revolvers ever made. Hollywood immortalizes the Python on screen, in Magnum Force, Terminator, The Walking Dead, and many others. Though out of production since 2005, the Python remains a highly-sought piece for gun collectors. 

Many editions of the Colt Python were released between 1955 and 2005. Hands-down, one of the coolest models is the “Snake Eyes” Revolver Set. Only 500 sets were produced by Colt. 

These limited edition revolver sets present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at auction, for any serious collector. Find out what makes the Colt Python Snake Eyes Set the coolest handguns at auction. Learn about the provenance, collectability, and hammer price for a 1989 Colt Python Snake Eyes Revolver Set. 

The Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver

Colt has been a forefront leader in firearms manufacturing since the 1800’s. Though the company has gone through several changes of ownership, throughout the years, Colt remains a high-quality manufacturer, with a history that evokes American pride.  

The Colt Python fires a .357 caliber magnum round. If you have ever seen, heard, or fired a .357 magnum, you know why they call it a “hand-cannon”. The Python is, by far, the most popular of all snake revolvers released by Colt.

Origins of the Colt Snake Guns

Samual Colt was building and selling guns long before becoming successful. The Colt Company spent many formative years in the original Hartford, Connecticut factory. The Coltsville Factory was the birthplace of the Colt Python – as well as many others. 

Today, the National Park Service is renovating the dilapidated factory complex into the Coltsville National Historical Park.  

While the factory was in operation, Colt released 7 snake revolvers, including the Cobra, Python, Diamondback, Viper, Boa, King Cobra, and Anaconda. None of the others, however, draw as much interest and admiration from serious collectors as the Python. 

By the time Colt started making the Python the company was an international leader in revolver manufacturing. The Colt Python .357 Magnum is called “the Cadillac of Revolvers,” and is arguably the best production revolver ever released.

The defining features of a Python include a reputation for smooth trigger action, Colt’s I-frame, high-accuracy, and a tight chamber lock-up. The Python was originally designed in 1955 for use by law enforcement, and soon became a major hit amongst private owners, as well. What makes the Python superior?

Medium Frame

The Colt Python was manufactured with a wide range of variations during the models production period. Every Python, however, is built on Colt’s medium I-frame. The I-frame is equivalent in size to the Smith & Wesson L-frame. 

At the time of the Python’s release, in 1955, a revolver that fires a .357 Magnum typically was built with a larger frame. Colt’s innovation was to create a more easily handleable revolver with better accuracy and reliability than the competition. 

But, it also supports lower caliber ammunition, which caused minimal kickback and muzzle-flare. 

High-powered .357 Magnum 

The Colt Python is no pea-shooter – and that includes the Snake Eyes Python. Pythons fire .357 Magnum caliber ammunition, as well as cheaper, less powerful .38 Special cartridges. The .38 Special is more cost effective for beginning shooters, whereas the .357 Magnum offers considerable stopping power. 

Variable Barrel Length

The Python’s most variable attribute is the barrel length. The standard Python came with a 6-inch barrel, but they were made with 2.5, 3, 4, and 8-inch barrels, as well. The Python Snake Eyes Set has the smallest barrel length, of 2.5-inches.

The longer the barrel length, the more accurate the firearm. But the Python rains in that margin considerably, no matter the barrel length. Even still, the 8-inch barrel Python was designed for hunting small game, whereas, the 2.5-inch barrel on the Snake Eyes Python is ideal for concealed carry.

Colt Python Snake Eyes Revolver Set

The Colt Python Snake Eyes Revolver Set includes dual 2.5-inch barrel Python revolvers. These Pythons, however, are unique to Colts Python family, and show the highest form of Colts craftsmanship, quality, and artistry in gunsmithing. 

Sets includes one revolver in Royal Blue and another in polished stainless steel. Faux ivory grips feature an engraving of a pair of dice that show snake eyes, on one side, and a royal flush on the other. Opening the commemorative box, Colt includes a set of poker chips, dice, and two sets of cards that all feature Colt’s iconic logo. 

A checkered hammer and serrated trigger provide traction against the metal when firing and reloading. As is true with all of Colts Python models, these guns are no ornament. They are built to fire. 

Colt only manufactured 500 sets of the Snake Eyes edition Pythons. This is a highly-desirable gun for collectors, thanks to the unique nature of the gun – itself – as well as the limited production of the Snake Eyes Set. 

How Much is the Snake Eyes Set Worth?  

As you might imagine, this gun set demands a substantial hammer price at auction. Like all firearms at auction, however, the condition of the gun greatly influences the value to bidders. 

A Colt Python Snake Eyes Set is easily worth $10,000, if the guns have been fired. If the guns are auctioned in “Like New” condition they must not have been fired. In that case, a Snake Eyes Set can easily sell at auction for twice as much.

Final Thoughts

The Colt Python is a highly-desirable firearm with which to shoot for sport and hold in a collection. The auction value of rare collectable Colt revolvers, such as the Snake Eyes Set, is going up every year. The Snake Eyes Colt Python is among the most valuable revolvers, and make an impressive center-piece to any serious firearm collection.

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