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How to Buy Guns at Auction: A Comprehensive Guide for new buyers

Learn about the different types of gun auctions, why you should guy guns at auction, what to do before the auction, how to bid, fees and charges, and how to pay and receive your guns after the sale.

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buying guns at auction

If you’re passionate about firearms or a seasoned collector, learning how to buy guns at auction can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. This comprehensive guide explores the different types of gun auctions, where to find them, pre-auction preparations, bidding strategies, and important considerations like fees, taxes, payment methods, and shipping. Discover the excitement of traditional live auctions and the convenience of online platforms. Uncover the unique approach of Connecticut Firearms Auction, offering excellent photos, detailed listings, and a limited guarantee on sold items. Navigate the intricacies of buyers’ premiums, state sales tax, and payment options. Learn how to seamlessly receive your purchased guns directly or  through FFL dealers and local gun stores. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and find the firearms you desire.

Gun Collection Ready to Sell at Auction

Why you should buy guns at auction:

Gun auctions are one of the best ways to acquire various types of firearms. Whether you’re a regular firearms enthusiast or an experienced collector, these auctions offer a wide range of options and the possibility of scoring a great deal. In America, gun auctions provide a fun and exciting way to purchase historic and collectible guns. Unlike gun shows or retail stores, auctions present thousands of choices. Learning how to buy guns at auction is not only a worthwhile investment of your time but also an exciting way to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Every gun auction is different:

There are different types of gun auctions to explore. Traditional live auctions involve attendees bidding from the floor using a paddle, while modern online-only auctions use timers and computer-run systems. Finding gun auctions is made easier with tools like auctionzip.com, local newspapers, and online auction listings. Knowing where to look ensures you have access to a variety of auctions in your local area, and throughout the country via the internet.

A firearms collection displayed for auction

Before the auction:

Before the auction, potential buyers need to register. Registration typically involves providing personal information like name, address, email, and phone number. Some auctions may require supporting documentation such as tax-exempt status or special licenses (if applicable). After registration, reviewing the lots up for sale is crucial. If available, in-person previews are recommended, and if not, carefully reviewing the catalog and making notes for each desired lot is advised.

Bidding on guns at auction:

When it comes to placing your bid, it’s essential to research and decide on your maximum bid beforehand to avoid getting carried away. Different bidding methods are usually available, including absentee bids, live paddle bids, and online bids. Researching and understanding these options will help you navigate the bidding process more effectively.

Types of bidding:

If you can’t be present when the auction is live, this is a confidential maximum bid placed with the auctioneer, clerk, or internet bidding platform. During the sale your bid will be automatically advanced against other bidders up to your maximum amount. Don’t worry: Connecticut Firearms auction starts your bid at the lowest possible amount and bids competitively. No shenanigans here!

During our live auction events buyers can register and attend in-person. When your item crosses the auction block, raise your bid card and jump in!

During all of our auctions, buyers can register and bid through the internet bidding platforms. A browser window or app will open and allow you to press the bid button while the lot is live on the auction block. Bid fast! Most items are open for less than a minute, and the auctioneer moves fast. It is best practice to use a laptop or desktop computer with a fast connection to the internet. Mobile devices on cell networks and some wifi signals can be slow.

During our Premier auction events, we offer live phone bidding on select lots. This is an option for serious buyers who want to be connected to the live auction with an operator. (48 hour prior registration and minimum opening bids may be required)

CT Firearms Auction is different:

Connecticut Firearms Auction stands out with its unique hybrid style of auction. They incorporate real, live auctioneers, a live audience, and a video stream for a dynamic experience. Bidders can preview lots 30 days before the auction, viewing high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, including make, model, caliber, measurements, and serial numbers. Connecticut Firearms Auction also provides a limited guarantee, giving buyers confidence in their purchases.

Gun auction fees and charges:

Understanding fees and taxes associated with buying guns at auction is crucial. Most auctions charge a buyer’s premium, an additional percentage added to the hammer price. Buyers should carefully read the terms to know the specific premium for each auction. Some auctions offer discounts for paying by cash or check. Additionally, state sales tax is a common charge, so it’s essential to factor that into the final purchase amount.

Paying for guns bought at auction:

Paying for guns bought at auction varies by auction house. Connecticut Firearms Auction, for instance, accepts payment by credit card, wire transfer, cash, check, or money order. Special discounts may apply for cash or check payments.

Getting your guns after the auction:

Once a buyer successfully wins an auction and pays the invoice, most firearms auctions will ship the guns directly to Federal Firearms License (FFL) and Curio and Relic (C&R) License holders. Alternatively, they can be shipped to a local dealer for transfer. Upon receiving the gun, buyers should visit their local dealer to complete the transfer, background check, and necessary paperwork.

In conclusion, Connecticut Firearms Auction is an excellent choice for buying guns at live and online auctions. Their unique approach, detailed listings, and limited guarantee set them apart in the firearms auction landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, the world of gun auctions offers an exciting journey filled with possibilities.

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