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CT Firearms Auction provides a means to sell your guns to the largest possible audience, and to find guns that are not readily available in your area. You can buy and sell guns of all kinds – of all ages – and anything related. Buyers get a fair and clean transaction, and sellers get the best possible market price.

Home > Selling Guns at Auction

An Intro To Selling Your First Gun At Auction

If you’ve never sold firearms through an auction before, don’t worry. It is easy. Just call us, and we will break down the process for you and answer your questions.

Want To become a seller?

You can become a seller by reaching out to CT Firearms Auction to discuss the item or items you’re interested in consigning to auction. Every item sold is collected from the seller, cataloged, and photographed before the auction. CT Firearms Auction ensures that every item is professionally promoted, insured, sold, and shipped. All the seller has to do is sit back and collect the check.

We Have Low Fees

Yes. Every consignment and every collection is different. Commission fees for selling high-value and rare guns can be as low as 0%. Fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Contact CT Firearms Auction to get an accurate commission fee quote for your consignment.

Once my item sells how do I collect my money?

Each seller can request the form of payment they prefer. Standard payments to item sellers are mailed in the form of a paper check within 30-45 days of the auction.

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