Selling Guns at Auction:

Why should I sell my antique guns and modern firearms at auction?

Auction is the best way to capitalize on the strong prices in today’s Firearms Market. Connecticut Firearms Auction takes the time to personally evaluate and market your collection to the largest possible marketplace. Our Auctions are attended by thousands of buyers including dealers, collectors, investors, museums, trusts, hunters, competitors and sportsmen. The Auction process drives prices by creating scarcity and urgency at the point of sale.

What types of items does Connecticut Firearms Sell?

Connecticut Firearms is Federally licensed to sell all types of firearms and military collectibles. We focus on Large Estate and Specialty collections, Rare and Antique guns, Military artifacts and antiquities. We sell Hunting Rifles, Sporting Shotguns, Hand guns, revolvers, pistols, Military items such as Uniforms, Helmets, Swords, Medals, Knives, Daggers, Vehicles

How can I sell my Guns at live auction?

CT Firearms Auction makes it easy: Contact us by E-mail or Phone today and tell us about your collection. For small collections and single items, we can make an appointment to meet at our facility in Berlin CT. For Large Collections and estates, we can make an appointment and come to you. We’re easy to deal with, no pressure, and we can give you the advice on how to liquidate your collection. We offer firearms collection service throughout the United States and are experienced at transporting collections safely and securely.

How much does it cost to sell guns at live auction?

Connecticut Firearms Auction charges a competitive commission for selling guns at live auction. Commission is quoted based on the size, quality and quantity of guns that are consigned. Generally speaking, the higher the value, the lower the commission. Please contact us today for a commission quote on your collection.

What can I expect when selling with CT Firearms Auction?

Connecticut Firearms Auction consigns items for live auction and works on contract with a detailed inventory. The contract outlines the date of sale, any related expenses, and the payment date after the auction. We are Fully Insured, with a knowledgeable and professional staff.

How does CT Firearms value and estimate a gun before auction?

Most of the guns sold at Connecticut Firearms Auction are sold using a method called “Minimum Bid” We provide a pre-sale auction estimate (for example: $2,000-$4,000) along with an opening or minimum bid price. These values are based on an in-person valuation and inspection by one of our specialists. The minimum bid does not exceed the low estimate. This is the most successful way to offer firearms at live auction because it communicates value to a buyer, but also creates interest with the largest possible group of buyers.

How does CT Firearms Market and Advertise my collection?

Connecticut Firearms Auction advertises our auctions to hundreds of thousands of firearms dealers, collectors and enthusiasts throughout the world. We maintain an e-mail list of buyers, a Facebook following, full color mailings to our nationwide database of targeted customers. We also utilize print media in trade and auction publications.  We are constantly expanding our reach through community involvement with groups like the Dallas Safari Club, Ye CT Gun Guild, and national, regional, and local gun shows.

What Happens after the auction?

After the auction, we collect payments,  properly transfer any merchandise to local buyers, and work through the process of safely shipping guns to eligible buyers and licensed dealers. Once all items have been shipped, and payments are cleared, we create a post auction settlement report for you that details each lots selling price and any fees or commissions charged. Settlements and checks are 30 business days from the date of sale, and sometimes as fast as 30 calendar days.

What is gun consignment?

Traditionally people think of gun consignment as the process of giving guns to a dealer or local shop and having them tagged and sold “on consignment” over a period of time. This process can be frustratingly long and does not always yield the best prices. When we sell guns at live auction for our clients, we charge a commission fee, and work using a detailed contract. Although the process is sometimes referred to as “auction consignment” it is different from the traditional method.

Buying Guns at a Live Auction:

Are the auctions open to the public?

Our Live auctions are open to the public and anyone can attend the auction. We require proper permits or licenses to purchase modern guns and ammunition, and you must have the proper paperwork in order to register and handle modern guns. We also welcome non-permit holders to purchase antique firearms, military collectibles, swords, knives, and other non-regulated lots in the auction.

How do Firearms Auctions work?

Live auctions are cataloged prior to the sale with lots posted online and displayed in our auction hall. Preview hours are posted prior to the sale and the public is welcome to view the items before the auction. Once the auction starts we will accept live bids from the floor, phone bidders, and internet bidders. Buyers who cannot make the auction are welcome to leave an absentee bid with us and we will bid for you.

Do I have to attend the auction to bid?

You do not have to attend the auction in order to participate. You can e-mail or call us with your bids prior to the sale, or you can bid absentee or live through one of our internet bidding platforms.

What Happens After I win a Gun at live auction?

Once you have successfully won a bid at live auction, we will prepare an invoice for you that includes any buyers premium, associated taxes or shipping fees. This invoice is generally sent via e-mail within 48 hours of the auction, usually a few hours after the sale. Payment can be made by credit card through our secure online payment portal, by check or money order, or by cash in person.

What is the buyers premium at CT Firearms Auction?

Buyers premium at Connecticut Firearms Auction varies based on the method used for bidding. If you are attending a live auction in-person, paying on the day of sale, and transferring firearms on the day of the auction, buyers premium is 18% with a 3% discount given for payment by cash or known check. Buyers premium for direct absentee and phone bidding is a flat 18% (just call or e-mail your bids directly). We understand that not everyone can make it to the auction in person, so buyers bidding through any of our live auction platforms (including our site)  partners such as Proxibid, Invaluable, Hibid or AuctionZip is a flat 21%, with a 3% check discount offered.

Does CT Firearms Auction charge a transfer fee?

Connecticut Firearms Auction does not charge a transfer fee for guns that are purchased at live auction. Properly licensed local buyers and dealers can purchase eligible firearms at live auction and take it home the same day provided that all legal transfer requirements are met. Please note that Connecticut Firearms may charge transfer fees in certain estate and probate situations, but not at a live auction.

Does CT Firearms Ship Guns?

Yes. We ship all auction items in house. We charge low flat rates for handguns and long guns. Special rates apply for large and unusual items. Shipping and Insurance (Required) will be included on your invoice. Please call for more details about shipping.

Firearms Appraisals:

What types of appraisals does Ct Firearms Auction Offer?

We offer Informal verbal appraisals by appointment during normal business hours for clients who would like to know more about their guns, or get a free pre-sale auction estimate and evaluation.

We also offer simple inventory and fair market appraisal lists for estate disbursement and probate purposes. These are a less expensive way to provide a listing and valuation for the settlement of an estate with a firearms collection. Please call us today for more information.

We also work with several professional and certified appraisers who can perform detailed evaluations, with extensive reporting for insurance and replacement value purposes. Appraisals conform to USPAP standards. These appraisals are billed by the hour and quoted upon request.

Fair Market or Replacement Value?

Fair market value is the price an object can be sold for if put up for sale on the open market in current conditions. A good example of fair market value would be a well-advertised auction with competitive bidding. Fair market value is used for probate and estate disbursement reports. Replacement value is how much it would cost to replace an item with the same or similar object. It’s easier to think of this value as a “retail” price. This is generally the value that an insurance appraisal would use.

How much do firearms appraisals cost?

We offer free, informal, verbal appraisals for one or two guns by appointment during normal business hours at our auction facility in Berlin CT. Please call for availability.

Estate inventory and basic fair market appraisal lists are usually quoted on a case by case basis. For estate collections under 100 guns, most projects fall into the range of $500-$900.

Formal Certified appraisals with complete reporting are billed by the hour and the fees vary based on the qualification and availability of the appraiser. Larger projects and extensive reports usually start at a minimum of $1,000, and an estimate is given before the project begins.


How do I sell guns from an estate?

Chances are you’ve never had to handle an estate gun collection before and it can be overwhelming. There is a lot to navigate in order to safely and legally transfer firearms. We have the experience and knowledge to help. Contact us today and we can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Does Connecticut Firearms auction buy estate gun collections?

Yes, we offer two methods for the liquidation of antique and modern guns: We can prepare a fair and accurate buyout offer to purchase the collection directly. Many times, a family or estate will prefer a quick payment and instant removal of guns from a home. The process is completely transparent and you are presented with all the information to make an accurate decision.

We also offer a contract to sell guns at live auction. All guns are carefully listed, and a contract is created which clearly lists the commissions, any related fees, the expected dates of sale, and payment terms.

Selling a used gun or a firearms collection:

What are the laws regarding the sale of guns from an estate?

The laws for selling a firearm vary from state to state and vary based on the types of guns that you have. We can walk you through the process and help with paperwork every step of the way. We are Federally licensed and experienced in handling large gun collections and estate firearms.

I Inherited a gun collection. Now what?

Be safe. Treat every gun as if it was loaded. Point the muzzle in a safe direction and do not touch the trigger unless you intend to fire the weapon. If you are uncomfortable handling a gun collection, call a professional! We can assist you in the safe and legal liquidation of a gun collection. We are experienced in family disbursements and can satisfy the terms of an estate, will or probate distribution.