Yugo M48A in 8mm with a five round internal capacity and a 24″ barrel, imported by “C.A.I.” Georgia VT. The metal butt plate is in poor condition with metal oxidation throughout. The butt plate is covered by an aftermarket “Action” leather pad in very good condition. The wood stock is in good condition with heavy all-over wear, scuffs, scratches and small chips. The receiver is in fair condition with touches of metal oxidation and finish wear. The rear adjustable sight is in very good functioning condition, with a tiny touch of metal oxidation. The barrel is in good condition with scuffs, light scratches and metal oxidation. The trigger/guard are in fair condition with metal oxidation and heavy wear. The bolt is in good condition with touches of metal pitting and oxidation. This rifle comes mounted with its original leather shoulder strap in fair condition, still pliable. The rifled bore has a grain to it. C&R ELIGIBLE