Winchester M1 Garand in 30-06 with a eight round clip capacity and a 24″ barrel, made in December of 1943. This rifle was then re-barreled in January of 1951. The hardwood stock is in good condition with a spot of damage on the butt possibly from contact with the ground. The butt plate is in poor condition with metal oxidation throughout. The rest of the stock is in very good condition and has no other cracks or chips, light field wear throughout. The pistol grip part of the stock has a proof “P”. The receiver is in excellent condition with no finish damage or heavy wear. The trigger guard and magazine plate are in very good condition with light wear. The barrel is in very good condition with no dings or damage. The front fixed sight and bayonet lug are in very good condition with light wear no dents or function damage. Adjustable rear sight in very good condition light wear, still functions well. This rifle has a olive drab shoulder sling in very good condition not dry or cracked. Clean rifled bore and smooth function. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (STOCK GRIP) “P” (BACK RECEIVER) U.S. RIFLE CAL. 30 M1 WINCHESTER 2353833 (TOP RECEIVER) D28287-12SA S-040 (INSIDE BARREL TUBE) S-A-1-51
M1 Garand