Johnson Automatics model 1941 in 30-06 with a ten shot internal rotary magazine capacity. This rifle is in parts only and was sporterized by Winfield Arms. The hardwood Monte Carlo style stock is in good condition and has been refinished and re-stained. The stock has a crack on the lower left side by butt and a repair on the right side by pistol grip. The butt-plate is in poor condition and is cracking and dry. The receiver is in good condition and has been totally polished and re-blued. The receiver has touches of metal oxidation from poor storage. This semi-automatic rifle has no barrel. The action is very smooth and the rifle has a crisp trigger pull. Mounted with an optics rail and eye studs for a shoulder sling. Markings on the rifle are as follows: (RECEIVER) “CAL. 30-06 SEMI-AUTO “JOHNSON AUTOMATICS” “MODEL OF 1941” “MADE IN PROVIDENCE, RI. U.S.A.” “4676” “US PATENT NOS. 2094,156-2,146,743 2,215,470 U.S. AND FOREIGN PATS. PENDING”