Gun is extremely fresh. It appears to be a Winchester that was factory rebuilt in the US. Only rebuild marks are the “P” in front of the pistol grip and on barrel. Left side of stock is stamped “W.R.A / G.H.D” followed by the crossed canons. In the slingwell is a “flaming bomb” and a “W” stamp. A “W” stamp is also found on the barrel and rear receiver lug. Looks like it was entirely re-parkerized as part of the rebuild process.. Includes numerous accessories. An original canvas bag stamped inside “??? / 1943”, a US M4 bayonet in a US M8A1 scabbard and 25+ magazines of varying capacity, many with the original canvas belt pouch. Condition: Excellent as factory rebuilt. Only area of notable wear is a rusty residue on the front sight / barrel. Wood has only a few dings. Function and bore is excellent. CLASS: FFL / C&R ELIGIBLE