Winchester model 94 Classic in 30-30 caliber with a five round internal magazine tube capacity and a 20″ barrel made in 1967. This lever action rifle is in very good condition and is from the New York City Police Dept seizure. The sticker on the receiver has the Police proofs and is a special material unable to be peeled off without possibly ruining the finish underneath. The butt-plate is in poor condition and has a large amount of metal oxidation all-over. The hardwood stock is in good condition with moisture damage to the butt and a very small crack. The wood fore end grip is in good condition with light scuffs, scratches and a touch of moisture damage on the front where the barrel band meets the wood. The receiver and lever are in very good condition with a ton of finish left and a few light scratches nothing major. The rear adjustable sight and front fixed blade are in excellent functioning condition. The hexagonal barrel is in very good condition with touch of metal oxidation in a few spots. Spotless rifled bore and crisp action. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (RECEIVER) “3002717” (BARREL) “MODEL 94 WINCHESTER CLASSIC” “30-30” “WINCHESTER MADE IN U.S.A. “R”
94 Classic