Winchester 94AE Large Lever Loop in 30-30 Winchester with a five round internal capacity and a 16″ barrel manufactured in 1993. This lever action rifle is in very good condition with light wear. The hard polymer butt plate is in excellent condition with sharp checkering and no damage, Winchester Trademark Proofed. The hardwood stock is in good condition with a few scratches/scuffs to the left cheek side and to the right side by the lever, otherwise this stock is in like new condition. The large lever loop and receiver are in very good condition with light all-over handling wear and a square patch with light surface scuffs around it from an old sticker that has been removed, left side of the receiver. The hardwood fore-end grip is very good condition with one tiny ding on the left side, otherwise free of any wear. The barrel and magazine tube are in very good condition with a few light handling scratches to the finish. The rear adjustable sight and front fixed blade are in excellent functioning condition. Spotless rifled bore and smooth action. This rifle has a cross bar hammer safety. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BOTTOM RECEIVER) “6068265” (BARREL TOP) “PW” (BARREL LEFT SIDE) “WINCHESTER MODEL 94AE CAL. 30-30 WIN MADE IN NEW HAVEN, CONN. U.S.A. WINCHESTER PROOF STEEL”
30-30 WIN