Rare and Original World War Two Unertl U.S.M.C. Sniper scope developed for use with the Springfield Armory M1903 National Match Sniper Rifles of WWII (M1903A1 Sniper Rifle). Less than 2800 Produced, and many saw heavy use during WWI and Late in Korea and Vietnam. This is correctly marked J. Unertl USMC-Sniper with Serial 1355 in white text on the blued steel tube. There is a White “8” on one rear ring. In comes with two black finished mounts, with the rear mount being marked J. Unertl, and the front mount unmarked. There is a piece of thin paper under the screws for the rear mount, and it is possible that this scope may be unissued. Both end caps are present. The reticle is a cross with a very small dot in the center. Overall length: 24″ It is housed in the original micarta tube with spring retention system, cone cap, and original canvas belt loop and strap. The case is not numbered. Condition: The Scope itself would rate at a 97% (or better) and is possibly unused. Minor blems include a few very light contact marks on the body near the front lens, very minor body contact marks near the mounts, and some minor developing powder rust to the mount screws. The lenses are very clear, and all parts move freely and function properly.