Description U.S. Historical Society and Virginia Firearms Manufactory Stonewall Jackson 1851 Colt Navy Commemorative Black powder Revolver with a six round capacity and a 7.5″ barrel. Smooth walnut grip plates. Blued frame, barrel, cylinder, trigger guard and back/front straps with 24kt gold features. Comes in its factory shipping box with, paperwork, American cherry wood presentation case that has a solid silver commemorative coin. Silver finished powder flask, cap container, box key and six gold finished lead balls. Also has a new pair of white gloves to handle the pistol. Black Powder Muzzleloader. No FFL required and ships to buyers home.
Condition: New with a small spot of oxidation on the pistol grip butt. Clean rifled bore.
Barrel Length: 7.5″
Serial: 2094
Manufacturer: Virginia Firearms Manufac
Year: 1988
Caliber: .36
Model: 1851 Navy