Description U.S. Historical Society Commemorative Dragoon, Samuel Colt The Great Exhibition Of 1851 Royal Armories At The Tower Of London in .44 caliber with a six round cylinder capacity and a 7.5″ barrel. Smooth wood grip plates with silver plated engraved plate marked: Royal Armories At The Tower Of London. Silver plated and factory engraved front strap, back strap and trigger guard. Blued untextured trigger and barrel. Case colored factory engraved frame, checkered hammer, cylinder and push rod. Front gold finished fixed blade sight. Comes in a wooden presentation box with key and brass engraved plate from the U.S. Historical Society. The box contains a brass plated powder flask, brass bullet mold, cap tool and a container of percussion caps. This is a Black Powder Revolver and No FFL required, ships to buyers home.
Condition: Very good/Excellent with tiny touches of metal oxidation. The wooden presentation box has a crack on the top left side. Clean rifled bore.
Barrel Length: 7.5″
Serial: 307
Manufacturer: Armi San Marco US Histori
Year: 1990
Caliber: 44 BP
Model: Dragoon