Mosin Nagant M91 Tikka in 7.62×54 with a five round internal magazine capacity and a 32″ barrel made in 1941. This rifle has Finnish Army proofs. This bolt action rifle is in good overall condition. The butt-plate is in very good condition with light scuffs and scratches and a touch of oxidation. The one piece not spliced, hardwood stock is in good condition, with scuffs, scratches and small chips. The stock has the initials “EL” carved into the left side of the butt-stock. The magazine box and trigger are in fair condition with spots of pitting, metal oxidation and finish bubbling. The bolt and receiver are in good condition with heavy wear. The bolt has a scratch on the top and is otherwise very clean. The receiver has light scuffs and scratches no major finish damage. The adjustable rear sight is in very good functioning condition with light metal oxidation. The front and rear barrel bands are in very good condition with scuffs, scratches and touches of metal oxidation. The wood fore end is in good condition with heavy wear, scratches and small chips. The muzzle and front blade sight are in good condition with metal oxidation and finish wear throughout. The cleaning rod is stuck in rifle but otherwise in very good condition. The rifle is mounted with loop swivels for a shoulder strap, these are in good condition with heavy field wear. The rifled bore has a medium amount of grain to it. Smooth bolt action and trigger pull. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT-PLATE) “T” (BUTT-STOCK) “Crossed cannons, Finnish stock maker proof” (TRIGGER ASSEMBLY) “O” (BOLT) “X64449″ Tula Star Proof” “k” “Izhevsk bow & arrow proof” (RECEIVER) “C” “T” “24520” “1941” “Imperial Eagle” “N” “SA” (REAR SIGHT) “2” “C” “D” “4 6 8 10 12” “2 3 4 5 1/2 7 9 1/2” (REAR BARREL BAND) “Tula Hammer proof” (FRONT BARREL BAND) “Izhevsk bow & arrow proof” (MUZZLE) “CAI ST AL B VT M91 7.62X54 FINLAND” This rifle is C&R Eligible.