Mosin Nagant M91 Tika in 7.62x54R with a five round internal magazine capacity and a 31″ barrel made in 1943. This rifle has Finnish Army proof marks. This bolt action rifle is in very good condition with light all-over wear. The butt-plate is in fair condition with moderate, scuffs, scratches and metal oxidation. The two piece wood stock spliced at the fore end is in good condition with light scratches, dings and chips. The wood fore end is in good condition with moderate scratches and contact marks, no cracks. The magazine box and trigger are in good condition with finish wear, light scratches and metal pitting, smooth to touch. The bolt and receiver are in good condition with light surface scratches and moderate metal pitting under the finish. The rear adjustable sight is in excellent functioning condition no damage or heavy handling wear. The front and rear barrel bands are in good condition, light field wear held in place by small metal screws. The muzzle is in very good condition with light wear, scuffs and scratches, a lot of finish left. This rifle is mounted with two swivel loops for mounting a shoulder strap, these are in excellent condition and function. The rifled bore is very clean. Tight bolt action and smooth trigger pull. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT-PLATE) “43972” “Sestroryetsk Arrow proof” “BUTT-STOCK) “Crossed Cannons”- Finnish stock maker proof” “STOCK BY TRIGGER) “E” “4” (MAGAZINE BOX) “6957” “Tula hammer proof” (BOLT) “44663” “B” “H” “Tula hammer proof” “Tula hammer proof” (RECEIVER) “T” “44663” “SA” “1943” Imperial Eagle & Cyrillic PK proof, this is a proof commission. (REAR SIGHT) “5” “T” “3” “R” “U” “2 3 4 5 1/2 7 8 1/2 “D” “4 8 10 12” (MUZZLE) “CAI ST ALB VT. M91 7.62R FINLAND This rifle is C&R Eligible.