The Union Arms Company Pepperbox 6-Shot in .31 caliber black powder cap and ball, with a six shot cylinder capacity and a 4″ barrel. This black powder revolver is in very good condition. The revolver functions fine but the cylinder is able to be moved and does not lock in place. The hardwood grip plates are in very good condition with light scuffs and dings no cracks or chips. The receiver is in good condition with beautiful factory engraving. The finish has light wear and metal oxidation throughout. The trigger and hammer work great and are in good condition with light handling wear and metal oxidation. The barrel cylinder is in very good condition with a lot of finish left, a few scuffs and scratches. The six bores are very clean and the function is loose. This revolver is an antique. Proof marks on the revolver are as follows: (TRIGGER) “52” (HAMMER) “THE UNION ARMS CO.” (BARREL CYLINDER) “52” “M”
Pepperbox G-Shot