Terni Carcano M38 in 7.35×51 caliber with a six round en bloc clip and a 21″ barrel. This rifle is in good overall condition. The hardwood stock is in good condition with heavy wear no cracks. The metal butt-plate is in good condition with light metal oxidation throughout, smooth to touch. The cleaning rod housing door is empty and the cleaning tools are gone. The bolt and receiver are in very good condition with light all over handling wear and scratches to the finish. The trigger and en bloc charger clip housing are in good condition with metal oxidation and scratches throughout. The barrel is in good condition with touches of metal oxidation and finish wear. The rifle is missing its bayonet. Rifled bore with a light grain in good condition. This rifle is mounted with a leather shoulder sling in fair condition still supple. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT-STOCK) “BA” 6452″ (BOLT) “SD” (RECEIVER) “RE TERNI” “SA” “G9290” “TNI” “CAL.7.35″