Description WWII Springfield Armory model M1 Garand semi auto rifle chambered in .30-06. This example features a 1966 vintage, 24″ barrel with dovetailed front blade and adjustable rear peep, stamped trigger assy, military finish, and DOD cartouched stock. The stock appears to have Korean rack marks and numbering and bears a circle P behind the trigger guard. There is a discrete import mark on the right side of the barrel. Ships to FFL/C&R only.

Condition: Very Good with the wood rating slightly worse due to the extent of dings from handing. The top handguard is a reproduction. The muzzle gauges at .302 and the throat gauges 3. The bore is bright with sharp rifling and the action functions as expected.
Barrel Length: 24″
Serial: 2281724
Manufacturer: Springfield
Year: 1943
Caliber: .30-06
Model: M1 Garand