Springfield Armory M1 Garand in 30-06 with a eight round capacity and a 24″ barrel. This rifle was made in February of 1944 and then factory re-worked in 1950. The rifle is in very good condition with an average amount of all-over wear. The wood stock has been refinished and is free of any scratches or damage, smooth to the touch covered in linseed oil from factory re-work. The stock and rifle are matching serial numbers. The receiver is in very good condition with light wear and finish loss on sharp edges. The charging handle has a touch of metal oxidation from handling. The right and left peep hole sight adjustment knobs are stuck and do not move, need a good cleaning and lubrication. The barrel is in very good condition, with no dents or damage, most of the dark finish has been worn off. The bayonet attachment lug has a touch of metal oxidation. Trigger guard and magazine plate are in very good condition, with moderate wear and finish loss from handling, no deep scratches or dents. Cleaning kit in butt-stock compartment. Clean bore and smooth action. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BOTTOM INSIDE STOCK) 2699837 (TRIGGER GUARD) C46025W.R.A. (BACK RECEIVER) U.S. RIFLE CAL. .30 M1 SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 2699837 (TOP RECEIVER) D28287-12SA S-B110 (LEFT SIDE RECEIVER) “BMB” (TOP BACK BARREL) “1” C&R ELIGIBLE