Springfield Armory M1 Garand semi auto rifle chambered in .30-06. This example was manufactured towards the end of Springfield production of the M1 dating to 1957 with a SA barrel dated 10/55. This has mixed era parts including a FCG with the early style trigger guard, early finish SA marked bolt and a NM marked SA operating rod. Included is a surplus cleaning kit dated 1972, 5 enbloc clips and a web sling. Ships to FFL only.

Condition: The metal is in very good condition and may be original arsenal finish. The stock has been sanded and shows only a hint of a cartouche that was once on the left side. The muzzle gauges at .3020 and the throat gauges at 2. The bore is bright and shiny with sharp rifling. There is an import mark on the left side of the barrel between the handguard and the front sight.