Description Collection of photographs from the Spanish American War – the Cuban theater of war. American, ca. late 19th century (ca. 1898). 46 photographs of various phases and locations from the War, including San Juan Hill, El Caney, and Santiago. Photos show soldiers in the field, possible combat shots (one, though blurred, may show the firing of a cannon), and scenes of the landscape. Three pictures are cabinet card portraits of soldiers. Also present is a letter from the United Spanish War Veterans mourning the loss of a veteran. Condition: some photographs are in better condition than others, a few have portions of the photo or cardboard missing / torn. Smaller photos: 5″ by 5″ (cardboard), 6 1/2″ by 4 1/4″ (cabinet cards). Keywords: warfare, militaria, military, Rough Riders, Kettle Hill, collection, collectible, archive, Camp Alger