Ruger P90DC in .45 Auto with a seven round removable magazine and a 4 1/2″ barrel, made between 1991-2010. This semi-automatic double action pistol is in good overall condition with moderate wear. The polymer grip plates are in excellent condition with little wear no damage. The frame is in excellent condition with no scuffs, scratches or dings to the finish. The slide is in good condition with metal oxidation stains and spots throughout. The rifled bore is clean. Tight action and crisp trigger pull. This pistol has an ambidextrous de-cocking lever. Proof marks on the pistol are as follows: (FRAME) “660-37853” “BEFORE USING GUN READ WARNINGS IN INSTRUCTION MANUAL AVAILABLE FREE FROM STURM RUGER & CO INC.” (SLIDE) “STURM RUGER & CO. INC. SOUTHPORT, CONN. U.S.A.” “RUGER P90DC” (BARREL) “.45 A.C.P. “RP”
4 1/2″
.45 ACP