Designed for law enforcement and foreign military clients, the AC-556 is essentially the Mini-14 rifle configured as a factory original select fire machine gun in .223. Standard birdcage flash hider, blade and adjustable peep sights and typical receiver markings. The selector switch is positioned on the right rear of the receiver, with positions for semi-automatic, three round burst, and full automatic. Smooth hardwood stock, with vented synthetic upper cover, checkered pistol grip and folding metal buttstock. Includes original box and accessories, 3 original Ruger mags, and .22lr conversion kit. CURRENTLY SITTING ON A FORM 3 ready for transfer to your dealer in days. Condition: Excellent to Like New, 96+% bluing on barrel and receivers with just some minor scuffs. Wood has only the lightest handling marks. Stock has only a couple of wear marks where it attaches to the stock. CLASS: FULLY TRANSFERABLE NFA MACHINE GUN, NFA APPROVAL AND TAX STAMP REQUIRED.