Remington Hepburn falling block single shot rifle chambered in .38-55. The rifle built on a Hepburn high wall falling block receiver has a 34″ replacement heavy blued barrel with dovetailed blade front sight. The tang is drilled and tapped for a tang sight is not present. The lower left side of the receiver is marked “HEPBURNS PAT./OCT 7TH 1879” and the serial number “7930” is stamped on the lower tang. The breechblock, hammer and trigger are blued and aged into a black/blue. There is no case colors remaining on the receiver and trigger guard. The hardwood stocks feature a smooth Schnabel forend and checkered round knob pistol grip stock and steel buttplate with cartridge magazine. Antique, Ships direct to buyers home

Condition: Graded fair due to replacement parts (Barrel and fore end) however physical condition and action rates much higher with a mirror for a bore. Hand checkering on stock looks home done.