Factory built Remington “Modular Combat Shotgun” AOW (NFA weapon classed as “Any Other Weapon”) which can transfer to you after NFA paperwork is completed and a $5 tax stamp is paid. This is a Remington over run of AOW shotguns originally made for the military to be used stand alone or as a “Master key” under an AR barrel. This gun has a 10″ barrel, pump action as any typical 870. 2 3/4″ or 3″ shells. Metal alloy trigger group. Permanently affixed picatinny rail on top. Special quick disconnect pistol grip. Includes original manual, papers, Viking sling, soft case, and MCS Side Saddle kit. Must Ship to FFL, NFA weapon and must transfer on a Form 3 or 4 prior to shipping. Check local law for legalities BEFORE placing a bid. Serial LM010641. Must ship to FFL.. Condition: Excellent. minimal handling, near-new. Likely unfired outside of factory.