Remington Woodsmaster 81 in .35 Remington with a five round internal magazine and a 23″ barrel made between 1936-1950. This semi-automatic rifle is in very good condition with a medium amount of wear. The plastic butt-plate is in fair condition with a few small cracks and chips. The hardwood stock is in good condition with heavy field wear and a small chip where the wood meets the receiver left side. The butt-stock has been modified with the inlay of a U.S. quarter, this has been poorly done and is not flush. The wood fore end grip is in fair condition with heavy wear and a small crack on the underside where the wood meets the receiver. The receiver is in good condition with finish loss and metal pitting heavy on the left side but throughout the whole area. The rear adjustable sights and front fixed blade are in very good functioning condition no damage. The rifled bore is very clean. Tight action and crisp trigger pull. This rifle is C&R Eligible. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT-PLATE) “REMINGTON ARMS CO” (RECEIVER) “H” “15900” “K” “W” (BOLT) “35 REM” (BARREL) “RP” “REMINGTON ARMS-UNION METALLIC CARTRIGE CO. REMINGTON WORKS ILIO.NY. U.S.A. BROWNINGS PATENTS OCT 9 1900 OCT 16 1900 JUNE 3 1902 MAY 14 1907 FEB 14 1911″
.35 REM
Woodsmaster 81