Remington 03-A3 in .30-06 with a five round internal capacity and a 24″ barrel manufactured in September of 1943. This bolt action rifle is in very good condition. The hardwood stock is in good condition with scuffs and light scratches throughout, no chips or cracks. The butt plate is in very good condition with light wear and no oxidation. The butt plate has a small metal hinged opening for a cleaning kit, this cleaning kit is still within the rifle and is in very good usable condition. The trigger guard and internal magazine plate are in very good condition with medium wear throughout no damage. The receiver is in very good condition with light touches of metal oxidation and finish wear The rear adjustable peep hole sight and front fixed blade are in very good working condition. The rifled bore has a light frost and is in otherwise very good condition. Smooth trigger pull and tight action. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (LOWER STOCK BEHIND TRIGGER GUARD) “P” (STOCK LEFT OF THE BOLT) “RA” “SPRINGFIELD BOMB PROOF ” SQUARE WITH A “P” (STOCK FRONT OF MAG PLATE) Has many inspector marks “11” “16” “88” “23” “26” “11” “20” “71” “M” “1” (STOCK FRONT MUZZLE) “2” (UNDER BARREL MUZZLE) “P” (TOP BARREL MUZZLE) “RA” “BOMB PROOF” “9-43”. C&R ELIGIBLE