Exceptional example of a very early Colt AR15 Sporter Model SP1 model chambered in .223. This 5 digit serial number, preban SP1 manufactured in 1968 and verified on the Colt serial number website is C&R eligible. This early example is all correct featuring a properly marked chrome lined barrel with 1/14″ twist with “S” stamped near the muzzle and “MP” between the FSB legs, , 3-prong flash hider, “+” on receiver just below the ejection port, Edgewater buffer and early buffer tube, No forge code, VP triangle proof, “MP” marked bolt head and correct stock and rounded butt. CONDITION: The condition of this rifle is excellent and appears to have seen very little use. Included is an original Operation and Maintenance Manual and two original Colt, 20-round magazines with aluminum followers. ELIGIBILITY: FFL/C&R