Scarce and desirable Parker CH, slightly more engraving then the DH. This one is in great shape for age. The 28″ barrels have a single front ivory bead. The barrels are Damascus and NOT matching to the gun. However they are free of dents and the bore is mirror bright. Extractors. Frame size 1 on barrels. Frame is expertly engraved with approximately 75% coverage. A pointing dog on either side and a Elk on the bottom. Very tight scroll work all around. Silver plated double triggers. Very detailed and ornate carvings on both the splinter forend and the pistol grip stock. Stock is beautiful cut of wood with exotic walnut. Original Parker grip cap and skeletonized butt with checkered wood. Auto safety *Antique, No FFL Needed Condition: Antique Fair. Barrels were swapped however these barrels are in great shape. Frame is lacking the case coloring but the engraving is very prominent and clear, coin silver patina. High grade walnut has been refinished and repaired but beautiful none the less. Other than barrels everything looks original. Lock up is good. Function is good.