Description Rare FoxCo Products model Fox Carbine Open Bolt semi auto rifle chambered in 9MM. Invented by Gerry Fox in the 1960’s, this is the second generation Fox Carbine variant which was produced under the FoxCo name in Manchester, CT under the partnership of Gerry Fox and Dean Machine Corp. This is identical to the original TRI-C version that was manufactured in Meriden, CT with the exception of manufacturers markings on the magazine well. This example is configured for 9mm and accepts standard Sten magazines using a magazine well insert. These are easily converted to .45ACP by changing the barrel, the bolt head and removing the magazine well insert allowing for the use of M3A1 Grease Gun magazines. This open bolt semi auto was grandfathered by the BATFE and is legal for transfer. Included is a very rare, 10 round Dean Machine converted Sten magazine. Must Ship to FFL. CT Legal, check local law for legalities of “Assault Weapons” BEFORE placing a bid.

Condition: Excellent original condition showing little signs of any significant use. The bore is bright with sharp rifling and the action functions as expected. This has also been equipped with a new buffer making it safe to fire.
Barrel Length: 17″
Serial: 050380
Manufacturer: FoxCo Products Inc.
Caliber: 9mm
Model: Fox Carbine
Year-Range 1974-1976