Norinco SKS in 7.62×39 with a ten round internal magazine and a 20″ barrel. This Norinco was made in China and exported by Compasseco Bardstown KY. This semi-automatic rifle is in excellent overall condition with light handling wear. The metal butt-plate with cleaning kit door is in very good condition with light metal oxidation, scuffs and scratches. The cleaning kit tube is still in the butt door. The hardwood stock is in excellent condition and is free of cracks or chips, with a few light scuffs and dings. The trigger and magazine box are in excellent condition with a few light scuffs nothing major. The bolt and receiver are in very good condition with light handling wear no deep finish scratches. The wood fore end is in excellent condition, no cracks or chips. The front hooded sight is in good condition with the blade being turned inside hood, light scuffs and scratches. The barrel is in very good condition with light handling wear, scuffs and scratches. The rifled bore is very clean and the action tight. This rifle does not have its bayonet. The rifle comes mounted with a shoulder strap in very good functioning condition, clean and undamaged. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT-STOCK) “14791” (TRIGGER) “14791” (MAGAZINE BOX) “14791” (BOLT) “14791” (RECEIVER) “NORINCO COMPASSECO BARDSTOWN KT” “SKS 7.62X39 MADE IN CHINA BY” “6-1614791” “Triangle proof mark” (BARREL) “K” “O” (REAR SIGHT) “14791