Mosin Nagant rifle made in the Izhevsk factory in 1943-1944 in 7.62x54R with a five round internal capacity and a 20″ barrel. This rifle is in very good overall condition with light wear. The hardwood stock is in good condition with scuffs and scratches throughout. The metal butt-plate is in good condition with light metal oxidation and heavy wear. The receiver and bolt are in very good condition with light handling wear no scratches thru the finish. The rear adjustable sight is in good condition with a touch of metal oxidation. The rifled bore has a very light grain to it and is otherwise in very good condition. The bayonet is in excellent working condition with no damage or scratches. Hooded front sight in excellent condition no damage. The rifle has two different serial numbers, one is the original and the other is from the importer after the war. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT-PLATE) “3870” Triangle with arrow proof. (STOCK) “Q” “X” “11” “40” “FF4” (BOLT) “Star proof” “A” “3870” (RECEIVER) “1943R” “BN3870” “Triangle arrow proof” “S/N 44 1717 RUSSIA M44 7.62X54R AZTEC OCALA FL” “K” The rifle has many proofs that are illegible. C&R ELIGIBLE
M44 Carbine