Mosin Nagant Izhevsk Sniper in 7.62x54R with a five round internal capacity and a 29″ barrel made in 1944. The bolt action rifle is in very good overall condition with moderate wear throughout. The butt-plate is in very good condition with a touch of oxidation and a few scuffs and scratches. The stock is in good condition with moderate field wear throughout and a repair where they installed the scope mounting hardware. The bolt and receiver are in excellent condition with no major finish damage or oxidation. The rear adjustable sight is in excellent functioning condition. The front and rear barrel bands are in excellent condition and are tight fitted to the rifle. The rifle is mounted with two sling slots for mounting a shoulder strap, in very good condition. The front hooded sight and muzzle are in excellent condition with very little finish wear. The cleaning rod is stuck in rifle but in very good condition still factory greased. The rifled bore has a light grain to it otherwise very clean. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (BUTT PLATE) “KX4282” (BOLT) “4282” “Izhevsk arrow” (RECEIVER) “Y” “1944” “KX4282” “Izhevsk arrow” “Izhevsk crest” “A97523” “KCH4282” “9” (REAR SIGHT) “Izhevsk arrow” (REAR BARREL BAND) “Izhevsk arrow” “H” (FRONT BARREL BAND) “H” “Izhevsk arrow” (MUZZLE) “SANCO MIA FL M91/30 7.62X54R RUSSIA” (MAGAZINE BOX) “KX4282” “0” “Izhevsk arrow” (SCOPE PROOFS) “Hammer and sickle” 91/30 No.6-63033 “P” “53” “19” “66r.” This rifle is C&R Eligible.