Maynard 2nd model breach loading saddle ring carbine in .50 caliber. This is the later model without tape priming system and patch box in the stock. This features a 20″ barrel marked “A.J.N” with dovetailed front blade and carbine style rear sight amrked “S”, receiver markings “EDWARD MAYNARD/PATENTEE/MAY 27 1851/DEC 6 1859” on left and “MANUFACTURED BY/MASS. ARMS CO/CHICOPEE FALLS” on right. “1865” is stamped on the lower tang along with the serial number 24335. There are two light inspector stamps “JM” on the left side of the stock. Antique, Ships direct to buyers home

Condition: Overall Very Good with a nice bore but barely any finish left of the barrel and receiver. The stock has been sanded.