Mauser Argentine 1909 in 7.65 Mauser with a five shot internal capacity and a 29 1/2″ barrel. This rifle is in very good overall condition. Stock is in good condition, no cracks. Trigger guard and magazine plate are in very good condition. Bolt and receiver are in very good condition with average field wear. Adjustable rear sight in excellent working condition no damage. Barrel and front sight are in very good condition with spots of finish loss from rubbing contact. Clean rifled bore and tight function. Markings on the rifle are as follows: (STOCK) back to back “R” proof on lower stock. (RIGHT STOCK) F3485 (BOLT) F3485 “R” (RECEIVER TOP) Argentine proof mark hands shaking (LEFT SIDE RECEIVER) MAUSER MODELO ARGENTINO 1909 DEUTSCHE WAFFEN-UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN. BERLIN (BACK RECEIVER BOLT) “Star proof” “Hat proof” (BARREL) 765 MM (UNDER FORE GRIP SLING) “Q” “K” (BARREL STOCK RINGS) “Hat proof” C&R ELIGIBLE
29 1/2″
7.65 Mauser
Argentine 1909