This Iver Johnson was made in Italy by A. Uberti & C. Gardone VT imported by Iver Johnson Fitchburg Mass. This revolver was made between 1973-1978 and is a “Buckhorn Buntline” model in 357 Magnum with a 6 shot capacity and a 12″ barrel. The “European” walnut hand grip plates are in excellent condition with a few small dings no chips or cracks. Color case hardened frame is in very good condition with a few touches of oxidation. Nickle plated trigger guard and backstrap are in good condition with moderate finish loss throughout. Cylinder has a faint turn line and is in very good condition. 12″ barrel is in good condition with spots of metal oxidation throughout, no deep scratches. The ejection rod hosing is in good condition with moderate metal oxidation. The revolver was made with a notch for a shoulder stock but they were not released to US market with them. This revolver has an automatic hammer block safety. Proof marks on the gun are as follows: (CENTER FRAME) Star proof with crossed basket proof, “PSF” 44048 (LEFT FRAME) IVER JOHNSON FITCHBURG-MASS-U.S.A. (CYLINDER FRONT) 44048 (CYLINDER SIDE) “PSF” Star proof. (CYLINDER PIN) “D” (BARREL) 44048 Star proof, “AC” Star proof, crossed basket proof, A UBERTI & C. GARDONE VT. ITALY S.A. CAL. 357 MAG. IVER JOHNSON’S-FITCHBURG MASS. Tight smooth function and clean bore.
.357 Mag
Buckhorn Buntline