Eig made in Italy black powder revolver in .38 caliber with a 4″ barrel. This revolver is black powder cap and ball and is in good overall condition. The hardwood hand grip plates are in very good condition with no damage and light wear. The case hardened frame is in good condition with light all-over metal oxidation, smooth to touch. The factory engraved cylinder is in good condition with touches of oxidation and light handling wear throughout. The barrel is in very good condition with light oxidation and handling wear. Brass bead front sight and case hardened push rod in very good condition. Rifled bore and internal action needs a good cleaning. The action is very sticky. This is an antique black powder. Proof marks on the revolver are as follows: (RIGHT FRAME)STAR PROOF “PN” XXIV. (BACK STRAP) 2925 EIG-ITALY (TRIGGER GUARD) 2925 (RIGHT BARREL) STAR PROOF “PN” (CYLINDER) PAT.N. 965 STAR PROOF.