R.F.I. Enfield model 2A1 in 7.62mm with a twelve round removable magazine and a 25 1/2″ barrel. The metal butt plate with tool door (Empty) is in fair condition with heavy wear and metal pitting. The wood stock with “SA” proof and “235” white paint numbers on the butt is in fair condition with heavy wear, dings, scratches and small chips throughout. The top underside of stock is proofed “4386” by the muzzle. The receiver is in good condition with moderate finish wear, scuffs and scratches. The magazine is in good condition with scuffs and scratches thru the black finish. The rear adjustable sight is in very good functioning condition. The front sight and bayonet lug are in good condition with heavy finish wear, scratches. The bolt action rifle has two loops for mounting a shoulder strap, these are in fair condition with touches of metal oxidation. Clean rifled bore and smooth bolt action. The stock band is proofed “1967”. C&R ELIGIBLE