Inland DIV M1 Carbine in .30 carbine with two fifteen round removable magazines and a 18″ barrel. The metal butt plate is in good condition with metal oxidation and light wear. The wood stock is in very good condition with light scuffs and scratches. The receiver is in very good condition with light handling wear no finish damage. The trigger/guard are in very good condition. The right side safety switch is in excellent functioning condition. The barrel is in excellent clean condition with a nice patina. The barrel has a Flash Hider made in Spain that is attached to muzzle. The barrel is proofed “Inland DIV General Motors 10-44”. The rifled bore has alight grain to it. Smooth action and crisp trigger pull. This rifle is mounted with a olive drab shoulder strap in good condition and comes with two (15rd) magazines. The rifle has a small metal oil tube where the shoulder strap mounts to butt stock. C&R ELIGIBLE