Husqvarna model 40 in 9mm with a 5″ barrel. This pistol is in very good overall condition MINUS magazine. Made in Sweden this pistol uses a Bergman locking system but looks like a Luger. Polymer hand grip plates with “Husqvarna” factory monogram on each side are in very good condition with some genera all-over wear, no damage or cracks. Pistol has a shoulder stock lug on the back of grip, these were never made into large production and only a handful exist. Frame is in very good condition with light scuffs and scratches throughout. Barrel is in very good condition with light field wear and contact. Front fixed blade sight is in excellent condition, sharp and without damage. Super clean rifled bore and smooth function. This pistol is Swedish military proofed. The proof marks on the gun are as follows: (RIGHT FRAME) M40 9mm SWEDEN SARCO STIRLG NJ (BACK-STRAP) 2 small dots stamped from factory to indicate 1-2 modifications. (TRIGGER) Crown proof. (RIGHT SLIDE) Crown proof, Crown proof on top of back-strap S.S. it stands for the Swedish military inspector Captain Sten Stenmo. (Barrel) Crown proof on top, small triangle on bottom, this triangle was put on as 1-3 triangles indicating the barrel quality 3 being very rusty, before going back for re-armament. This pistol has 1 triangle indicating the barrel was in pretty good condition before going back to factory. (LEFT FRAME) 80413, Crown proof on take-down lever, “S” proof on the safety. (LEFT SLIDE) HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS A B. NO magazine.