Description UPDATE: It appears this is a G3 SG-1 marksman model rifle. The trigger is an SG-1 trigger pack (fine tuned set trigger) and the NFA paperwork also reads in the model box as “G3SG1”. The SG-1 model should have a stock with the cheek riser (has screw holes for it), an optics claw mount and German scope, however those components are absent… Manufactured by Heckler & Koch in 1983 and probably originally owned by a govt entity (police dept) as indicated by an inventory sticker on side. This is NOT a converted gun, factory full auto. It has the original H&K factory markings on the right side marked, “Made in Germany/HK Inc./Arl. Va.22201”, with left side marked “HKG3 18F932/Cal..308/IC”. Double pin trigger pack, ambidextrous markings showing “S/E/F”, indicating safe/semi-automatic/fully automatic. Standard adjustable diopter rear sight graduated “2-4” (200-400 meters) , a fixed post front sight. Black polymer forearm, smooth plastic grip, and buttstock with ribbed plastic buttplate. NFA Item, NFA trasfer applies. Currently on a form 3 ready to ship to your dealer. THIS ITEM REQUIRES A $200 TAX STAMP AND APPROVAL BY THE ATF NFA BRANCH PRIOR TO PURCHASER (if private individual) TAKING POSESSION. This is NOT a sales sample, “Fully Transferable”
Condition: Good. Function and bore is excellent. Finish wear on metal, particularly the ejection port and numerous scuffs/scratches. Buttstock has had a relief cut made on the bottom where it mates to frame. Polymer furniture has several gouges and nicks from use.
Barrel Length: 18″
Serial: 18F932
Manufacturer: H & K
Year: 1983
Caliber: .308 / 7.62 NATO
Model: G3