Description U.S. Harper’s Ferry model 1860 percussion muzzle loading rifle in .58 caliber. This rifle features a 33″, 2 banded barrel with fixed front blade and tangent rear sight with 3 elevations. The lockplate is equipped with the Maynard Tape Primer system with an eagle on the door. The lockplate is marked “U.S. / HARPER’SFERRY” and dated “1860” behind the cock. The full length hardwood stock is equipped with a hinged patch box and metal butt plate marked “U.S.” on top. Antique, ships direct to buyer.

Condition: Good condition with evidence of cleaning. The stock has been sanded and sanitized of any markings. The primer system mechanicals move with an action that functions as expected. Included is a period ramrod that does not fit in the guide.
Barrel Length: 33″
Serial: NVSN
Manufacturer: Harpers Ferry
Year: 1860
Caliber: .58
Model: Percussion