Glock 21 Gen2 in .45acp made in May of 1992 with 5 removable magazines and a 4 1/2″ barrel. The magazines capacity is as follows: “2” 13 round magazines, “1” 15 round magazine-(13rd plus 2rd extra with magazine floor plate change.) “1” 29 round magazine, 27 round with a 2 shot floor plate extension. “1” 10 round magazine. This Glock is in excellent condition with little overall wear. The hand grip has had a “Hogue” aftermarket rubber cover put on with finger serrations for better grip. The grips are in very good condition with light handling wear. The frame is in excellent condition with no scratches or scuffs. The slide with white dot fixed sights are in excellent condition no scuffs or finish damage. The barrel is in very good condition with light wear on the top of barrel where the slide meets barrel. Some of the magazines have been modified to add 2 rounds with the addition of a floor plate in the mag called a “SUPER 2”. Clean rifled bore and smooth action. This pistol comes with a “Force” shoulder holster with 2 magazine pouches is in good condition with moderate all-over wear. Proof marks on the pistol are as follows: (RIGHT FRAME) MADE IN AUSTRIA GLOCK, INC.. SMYRNA GA. (FRONT FRAME) AAY173 US (RIGHT SLIDE) AAY173 GLOCK (LEFT SLIDE) GLOCK 21 AUSTRIA .45 AUTO (BARREL).45 AUTO AAY173 GLOCK ,small 5 sided proof.
4 1/2″
21 Gen 2