FN Herstal M49 in 7.92×57 with a ten round internal magazine capacity and a 22 1/2″ barrel. These were made between 1948-1961. This semi-automatic rifle is in very good condition with moderate wear. The plastic butt-plate has been added at some point in time and is very well fitted and in excellent condition. The hardwood stock is in very good condition with no cracks or chips, very light handling wear throughout. The trigger and magazine box are in good condition with light wear and a touch of metal oxidation on the safety lever, making it stuck. The bolt and receiver are in excellent condition with light scuffs, scratches and handling wear. The rear adjustable sight is in excellent functioning condition. The wood fore end is in excellent condition free of damage or scratches. The barrel bands are in very good condition with light surface scuffs and scratches. The muzzle and front sight are in good condition, the sight has a touch of metal oxidation and the muzzle has been threaded and then ground away. This rifle does not come with its bayonet. The rifled bore has a light grain to it, otherwise very clean. Proof marks on the rifle are as follows: (RECEIVER) “FABRIQUE NATIONAL D’ARMES DE GUERRE_HERSTAL BELGIQUE 31378” “R.VOV” “Star proof mark” “E” “Crown proof mark” “RIRVA” (MUZZLE) “CAI ST ALB. VT M49 7.92” (FRONT SIGHT) “Yugoslavian writing”
22 1/2″