Fabrique Nationale model 49 semi auto rifle chambered in 8MM Mauser. The example was manufactured for the Egyptian military and is so marked five-digit serial number in Western Arabic numerals. The butt plate is brass with trap door as is the disc on the right side of the stock that has Arabic writing on it. The right side of the receiver is stamped “FABRIQUE NATIONALE D’ARMES DE GUERRE _ HERSTAL BELGIQUE”. The rear sight’s adjustment marks are also in Eastern Arabic numerals and the gas plug is marked in Arabic. An Egyptian crown is engraved on the top of the receiver, just behind the handguard. Ships to FFL only.

Condition: The black military finish rates excellent. The stock which may have been lightly sanded is very nice with just a few minor dents. There is a small crack in the top cover starting at the band and running about 3″ toward the receiver. There is a small repair at the top rear of the stock. The bore is dark but the rifling is distinct. There are no import markings visible.