Description Preban Colt AR-15 model A2 HBAR Sporter semi auto rifle chambered in .223. This “WASH STATE PATROL” marked example features a 20″ CMP marked 5.56 NATO 1/7 HBAR barrel with front break, A2 style gas block with bayonet lug, M203 handguard, A2 large pin “CM” marked upper and large pin lower and A2 style butt stock. Mounted is a 37MM flare launcher. Included is one, 30 round magazine. Must Ship to FFL, Check local law for legalities of “Assault weapons” BEFORE placing a bid.

Condition: Excellent condition showing no signs of any use. The bore is bright with crisp rifling and the rifle and flare launcher actions function as expected.
Barrel Length: 20″
Serial: SP218635
Manufacturer: Colt
Year: Pre 94
Caliber: .223
Model: A2 HBAR Sporter