Description UPDATE: a back corner of the wood case has some minor damage that was not noted in the original condition report. photo of corner is pictured…Colt 1976 US Bicentennial cased and matched revolver set with walnut box, original book and Colt Industries letter. Includes Colt Python revolver in .357 Magnum with a 6″ vent-rib bbl, having Bicentennial marked cylinder and bbl. Serial 1737PY. A 3rd Gen Single Action Army Revolver is 45 Long Colt with 7.5″ bbl, case colored frame and blued bbl and trigger guard. 13 Colonies motif on cylinder. Serial 1737PM. Along with a 2nd Gen .44 Caliber 3rd model Dragoon percussion revolver with indian battle scene cylinder and Bicentennial marked 7.5″ bbl. Serial 1737DG. All set in red velvet fitted drawers, the dragoon having the appropriate tool, powder flask, cap tin and bullet mold. The Python and SAA must ship to FFL, Dragoon Ships direct to buyer. This is a special shipping item and will require multiple packages.

Condition: The set appears to be properly stored and there are no condition issues from storage or contact with the liner. All guns appear unfired (outside of any possible factory testing) with the only notes being a small thin scratch to the underside of the SAA barrel, and a thin fine turn line on the Python Cylinder. Case is excellent, with only minor travel or handling marks. Book is clean and unmolested.
Barrel Length: 6″, 7.5″
Serial: 1737PY, 1737PM, 1737DG
Manufacturer: Colt
Year: 1976
Caliber: .357, .45, .44
Model: Python, SAA, Dragoon Book# 7-428