Colt / Uberti 1848 Dragoon 3rd gen in .44 caliber black powder cap and ball with a six round cylinder capacity and a 7 1/2″ barrel. This black powder revolver is in excellent condition and has not been fired outside factory testing. This Dragoon comes in its factory box. The wood grip plates are in excellent condition with a few light surface scuffs. The brass trigger guard and back strap are in very good condition with light handling marks and a bit of tarnish. The cylinder has a very faint turn line from handling the revolver. The barrel and push rod are in very good condition with a touch of metal oxidation. Clean rifled bore and great smooth function. Proof marks on the revolver are as follows: (TRIGGER ASSEMBLY) “631” “36631” (FRAME) “36631” “COLTS PATENT” (CYLINDER) “COLTS PATENT 631 MODEL U.S.M.R.” (BARREL) “36631” “ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY”
.44 BP
1848 Dragoon