Description 18th Century English Calvary Dragoon style flintlock pistol in .65 caliber. This example features an 8-1/2″ smooth bore barrel with British Crown proofs. lock plate with the remnants of a Crown proof just below the pan, wood stock with ornate brass inlays, heavy brass butt cap, brass thimbles and tapered ramrod with brass end. Included is a lined display case with glass top. Antique and ships directly to buyer.

Condition: Good with signs of rigorous cleaning and restoration. There is a repair below the lock plate. The sear will not engage in the full cock position. The bore is dark with evidence of corrosion.
Barrel Length: 8-1/2″
Serial: NVSN
Manufacturer: British
Caliber: .65
Model: Flintlock
Year-Range 18th Century