Cased Colt’s Patent Firearms 1849 Model five-shot .31 caliber Pocket Percussion Revolver Dating to 1863. Matching Serial Numbers: 226213 throughout including Cylinder, bbl, Wedge, Cylinder Pin, Frame, Trigger Guard, and Butt. 4″ octagonal bbl, Smooth Cylinder with traces of old scene or shallow marks. Marked COLT’S PATENT left side frame, “2” on trigger guard, “L” on butt, No caliber listed, one line New York Colt Address on bbl. In an oak case with unmarked bronze bullet mold, lead balls, an unmarked Eagle Powder flask, and Hicks No. 13 cap tin with some contents. ANTIQUE, ships direct to buyer.

Condition: Antique Very Good+ with close to 30% finish overall to frame, bbl, and cylinder, with the frame being thinner than the rest., scattered marks and a few small surface rust areas. Very faint pitting to the frame edges. Zero Silver remains on the Trigger guard and straps. Fine, well fitted stocks with old finish. Timing is off and sporadic, lockup is loose. Bore is pitted, acceptable at this antique grade.